Projections in the world of Jetlakes. 

You've probably heard of Scotland's Loch Ness and its famous monster 'Nessy'... Well you probably wont believe this but Switzerland's lake Geneva has it own monster... It's not some kind of aquatic dinosaur like its Highland counterpart this is a massive 4 headed beast. After a number of scary late night sightings it's finally come roaring out of the lake into the broad daylight and is ready to make itself heard... Big time ! What's even stranger is rumour has it that it plays rock music !

Did I get your attention ? Yes, you guessed it ! This particular monster is a rock group called...


Alex, Arthur, David and Gaël have been working real hard these past 18 months. composing, arranging and recording their first album in association with the international record producer and engineer Steve Forward. Following the radio success of their initial EP 'Projections' they've been playing a string of concerts in Geneva's most reputed venues and Swiss Festivals (main stage Caribana Festival 2015 – Fête de l'Espoir 2015 – One FM Star Night 2014 in Arena Geneva). Now they're all set to conquer your hearts and souls with 11 steaming hot original rock songs. The album is due for release in the new year with a single in january 2016... Don't miss it !

Come on and join the growing family of dedicated Jetlakes fans before it's too late!
Watch out, this monster bites...

You have been warned !

Jetlakes Members

Alex Buchi

Alex Buchi - Jetlakes
Lead vocal & keyboard

David Gantner

David Gantner - Jetlakes
Bass guitar & backing vocals

Arthur Spierer

Arthur Spierer - Jetlakes
Drums & percussions

Gaël Quiligotti

Gaël Quiligotti - Jetlakes
Guitar & backing vocals