Look For the RTP of Slot Machines Before Play

RTP, or return to player, is a metric describing how much a slot machine pays out to players for each unit wagered over time. It is virtually always less than 100% when presented most frequently as a percentage. The house edge, the mathematical advantage that enables casinos to turn a profit over the long run, is the difference between 100% and the RTP of the slot online. While games with a low RTP get referred to as tight, slot machines with an RTP percentage closer to 100% get sometimes referred to as loose slots.

What is a Normal RTP for Slots?

Most slot online has an RTP between 92% and 97%. You might, however, come across some that are a little lower or higher than this. What the RTP will get is left up to the game developer, not the casino. If it is too high, the game won’t bring in enough money for the casino to host it; if it is too low, players won’t have fun.

To guarantee that players enjoy spinning the reels, they must balance the RTP with the game’s volatility, the number of paylines, and the frequency of extra features and minigames. A slot with a lower RTP, lower volatility, and more regular bonus features is likely to be far more well-liked than a slot with a higher RTP and excessive volatility. After all, it’s not fun to play for more than a few dozen spins without coming up with a victory.

Where to Find a Slot Machine’s RTP?

Making informed decisions about when and how much to bet depends on knowing the RTP % of your favourite slot machines. In most jurisdictions, it is legal for casinos and other gaming facilities to make their video slots’ return-to-player percentages available to the public. However, the RTPs for land-based and internet casinos’ slot machines differ.

In a slot machine game online

The RTPs for online slots are simple to find. Include “RTP” or “Return-to-Player” in the keyword search when searching for any slot game you wish to play on Google, and presto! You’ll learn the guessed payouts for each game. In some cases, the information is also available in the game’s information section.

In a land-based casino slot

Land-based slot machine RTPs are a little more complex to locate and typically lower than slots in online casinos. Casinos in Las Vegas are mandated to have an RTP of at least 75%. Some casinos have 97-99% RTP signboards prominently posted in a specific cluster of slot machines, but only one follows them. You can always contact customer support, but they generally won’t be able to provide you with a clear response.

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